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Selected Publications


Hartle, B., Sudhama-Joseph, A., Irving, E. L., Allison, R. S., Glaholt, M. G., & Wilcox, L. M. (2022). Shape judgments in natural scenes: Convexity biases versus stereopsis. Journal of Vision, 22(8), 6-6.


Hartle, B. & Wilcox, L.M. (2022). Stereoscopic depth constancy for physical objects and their virtual counterparts. Journal of Vision, 22(4), 9-9.


Hartle, B. & Wilcox, L.M. (2021). Cue vetoing in depth estimation: Physical and virtual stimuli. Vision Research, 188, 51-64.


Hartle, B., Sudhama, A., Deas, L.M., Allison, R.S., Irving, E.L., Glaholt, M.G., Wilcox, L.M. (2020). Contribution of stereopsis and aviation experience to simulated rotary wing altitude estimation. Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, 62(5), 812-824.


Sudhama, A., Hartle, B., Allison, R.S., Wilcox, L.M. & Irving, E.L. (2019). Estimates of simulated ground relief as an operational test of stereoacuity for aviators. Defence Research and Development Canada Contract Report, C119.


Hartle, B., Wilcox, L.M., & Murray, R.F. (2018). Optimal combination of illusory and luminance-defined 3D surfaces: A role of ambiguity. Journal of Vision,

18(4), 1-15.


Wilcox, L.M., Hartle, B., Solski, A., MacKenzie, K., & Giaschi, D. (2017). Disparity configuration influences depth discrimination in naïve adults, but not in children. Vision Research, 131, 106-119.

Deas, L.M., Allison, R.S., Hartle, B., Irving, E.L., Glaholt, M., & Wilcox, L.M. (2017). Estimation of altitude in stereoscopic 3D versus 2D real-world scenes. Electronic Imaging, 2017(5), 41-47.


Deas, L.M., Allison, R.S., Hartle, B., Irving, E.L., & Wilcox, L.M. (2016). Investigating the role of binocular depth cues in altitude judgements with real and simulated imagery. Defence Research and Development Canada Technical Report, C352.

Hartle, B. & Wilcox, L.M. (2016). Depth magnitude from stereopsis: Assessment techniques and the role of experience. Vision Research, 125, 64-75.

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